Monday, January 31, 2011

Would you rather...

 So out of curiosity, I'm just wondering which igloo would you choose to vacation in...
 the real deal or a more tropical version?
 I personally opt for heat.  I have never been able to wrap my head around vacationing in an ice hotel.  Although it does look amazing and I have it on the "someday" list, I just hate being cold. I'm afraid I'd ruin the trip for anyone with me because I'd bitching about numb toes. They would need to silence me with large amounts of alcohol or an electric blanket.  Anyone out there have any good stories to convince me otherwise?

In the mean time, 20" of snow are due in the next two days. I'll have plenty of time to practice building my own igloo and toughen up,
and will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy one of these...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I had no idea...

I have seen so many of the following images numerous times and been smitten with their design, but I didn't know they were all done by the same designer... Ellen Hamilton of Hamilton Design Associates. I discovered this while on Hallie's (The Glam Lamb) gorgeous tumbler, be sure to check it out... just full of beautiful eye candy.  My kind of "reading", and part of the reason why I don't notice designers names. Sorry, I like the pictures!
SO, here is why I'm just loving Ms. Hamilton. She hits my 3 design sweet spots...  Bold Pattern & COLOR and over the top lighting all while keeping a classic edge. Her rooms are like a sweet preppy girl with bling & a wild side, love it.

See her portfolio here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Has anybody tried this? I'm getting withdrawls.

 It's Montana Gold Spray Paint.  A client of mine had told me about it a while back and I have been meaning to try it, but spray paint season is unfortunately a few months away.  Cannot wait for spring. The reason I'm excited about this is because it comes in 181 COLORS! It also has a bunch of very cool features...

 AND it has this cool feature... adjustable spray...

It also claims to stick to any of primer needed.
And did I mention the 181 colors?

So, if anyone from Montana Spray Paint is listening... I am a spray paint addict and would be more than happy to give it a go on one of my project posts. Oh, and I don't discriminate as far as color goes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hunkering down...

We have yet another snow day up here in the Boston area, and I have my little ones vying for my undivided attention... so this post will be short.  Although I am growing weary of the abundance of the white stuff, it really is pretty.  These are shots from my front and back windows.  That's a 6' fence, so there is almost 3' on the ground. I'm off to build a fire and play Hot Wheels,
but I wanted to share one image that suites the mood.
I happened upon this fireplace here.  I just love the benches right next to it.  I personally find myself perched on my hearth because I am chronically freezing.  This looks like a muck cozier option, just add a warm mug and a book. Heaven on a day like today. Enjoy your snow day East Coast!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you Matchbook!

I know... you're like "What? Two posts in one day?" Maybe I'm coming out of the gates too strong, but I had to share this.
I'm just loving the proliferation of online magazines!  The newest, Matchbook
Magazine, is beautiful, well written and full of stylish tips and design. I'm especially excited to share this piece with you.  As a busy  thirty something designer, mom, cook, chauffer, housekeeper, you name it... I get lost in the craziness of life and often feel as if I have no clue what to wear.  I'm in the world of design feeling like I haven't a clue.  The days of sweats start to far out number the stylish ones and I finally enter a store or pick up a fashion mag and say "Eh?"or "Am I too old/young for that? " or "Could these be considered Mom Jeans?"
 They have created a list of 50 classics for your closet that are so wonderfully simple I feel like a weight has been lifted. Thank you Matchbook. Lovely pieces that combine easily. Many you probably already own. Here is a peek...

They even have a checklist here...

Now go and check out their new issue (if you haven't already!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATCHBOOK!

OK, Now I can return to being a slacky blogger.

Back and Blue

Hello there! I've missed you all! Yes, I fell off the blog wagon, and I have been trying to get my mojo back.  Kids, mopping my floors, running... I have lots of excuses. Oh, update... I did do my first half marathon way back in November and 1. I FINISHED IT, in 2:22 no less (beat my goal of 2:30) and 2. it has completely shattered so many limiting beliefs I have held.  You really can do anything you set your mind to, corny but true.  So in that respect...blogging is like exercise, the more you do it the easier it gets.  And we all know what happens when you skip a week, or month.  Getting back in the habit is almost painful.  Enough " isms." So here I go...

OK, I fell in love with David Collin's Bangkok apartment when I was flipping through an issue of the Aussie mag Belle this past September. (See, I even had the material to post. Shame on me.)  I just came across it again today when I was doing some clean out of the massive  magazine stacks next to my bed and all around my living room. (Mom, I inherited your hoarding of magazines gene. Thanks.)  Check it out...

 And some more of his work...

 I have long been a fan of blues, and Mr. Collins does blue SO well. I love how he frequently adds purplish-pinks... I am currently doing my bedroom over in blue and this just confirms my want to add magenta.

Check out more of his lovely work here.


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