Calling All Readers!

Dear Readers,

You guys rock! I love sharing design ideas with you, but REALLY love when you guys share what you do with them.  Lisa from Texas just sent me this amazing chair she re-did, and I am both jealous and in awe.  This inspired me to want to start a "Reader's Score" series. I know plenty of you have them, great finds you have transformed, diamonds in the rough... well I want to see them! Please email me pictures (before & afters) and a description of where you found, what you did and any other crazy info about the score.  I really want to do this series, but I NEED you!

Now check Lisa's chair.
 She says "I do not have any before pics but it was beige with a horrible burgundy cushion. In terrible shape. I found it on eBay for $55. Used two cans of red-orange Montana Gold spray paint and recovered the cushion in Canton Bazaar from Calico Corners. Fabric was on sale for $20 a yard."
So for under $100 she got a fantastic chair that rivals McGuire's newly re-released Cracked Ice Chair any day!...

Thanks so much for sharing this Lisa, you did good girl! Hopefully it inspires some more DIYs and spray paint usage. If you have  one you want to show off please e-mail me...
I'd love to make The Reader's Score a regular series, but I'll need your help!

Some Shop Pretties

Hi all! Hope you have been enjoying the long weekend! It finally feels like summer here, and I am more than happy about that. I just wanted to share some new shop additions.
 I've been adding to the accessory department, and I have lots of great trays, bowls (I LOVE displaying vintage gems in them in almost every room of my house, instant color and personality) 
and trinkets.
From glam to boho chic...
Vintage Metal Tray and Floral Dishes

Japanese Cups
perfect for pens, make up brushes or Sake

Silver Lotus Dish

Bells of Sarna

Hop over and see whats new. I will be starting to add the lighting next! My fave*
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(Followers are at the bottom of the shop blog.)

Enamel/Metal Bowl

Pattern Obsession of the Week

I saw these hex/honeycomb walls and went into stroke mode. I have been obessed with the hex lately, especially since I saw it done in tufting on upholstery (see here).

This house, created by architects Rajiv Saini and Associates, is chock full of cool schtuff and patterns I'm currently digging. (note the above coffee table) Its a bit more barren and lacking in textiles than I normally like, but who cares when it has these elements...

Check me in, its like a resort.

Note the shattered mirror coffee table above, another pattern I'm obsessed with.
That huge gold vase thing on the table is mighty cool too.
Now look down, or should I say up at that cool ass faceted mirrored ceiling...

 I love how that table reflects onto the ceiling...
 The table/ nightstand goodness...
 Its own nightclub vibe, it really is like a resort...

 The above and below black metal lights...
 The veneer walls...

 Another fantabulous table...
 The artwork...
 These crazy mirrors that look like crumpled tinfoil...

 The floor and wall here...

 And more honeycombs...
I'd say see more here, but I think I might have shown you the whole thing.
Happy weekend!

"The Score" with Eclectic

Today I have the lovely Sidney from Eclectic over to tell us about her score. You might remember her from my first rave about her here. Today she is sharing a great score with us, and its a double...
 a little serendipity.
So check out Sidney's score...

I found this nightstand/end table at a SUPER junkie shop in Madison, Georgia for $4. I wasn't sure where I was going to use it UNTIL I found another one!

I was at a local Habitat for Humanity Resale store and hidden in the back was the exact same table. I couldn't believe it! I bought the second one for $25 and since they were super dated and not the same color, I took them to my local wood-worker and had him lacquer them both in Benjamin Moore's Navajo White for $200 and used them as nightstands in my master bedroom

. I still want to change out the hardware but have yet to make a decision! Argh, the curse of a designer!

Great finds girl! Finding not one but two! Don't you love when that happens?
They AND your bedroom are stunning!
(and I actually like the original hardware)
 Thanks so much for sharing your score!

Metal Lamp Shades and the Uberbrassariffication

I've been on the hunt for some black metal lamp shades like the above. I have some lamps that I think would look great with them. While searching I found some others I was loving.
this light is rad
from here

These pendants...

I actually have a vintage brass drum shade.  It got me thinking about it again and all the crap I want to do with it...
I'd actually like to hang it over my kitchen table.
(i wish I could change light fixtures like underwear)

Chic child head gear for my rambunctious little one...

But then I remembered an old brass lamp base I had, and decided to marry the two together into
UBER-BRASS naughtiness!
And I really like!
Its almost kind of like a lamp sculpture.

What do you think?
Diggity or does is look like br-ass.

I almost peed my pants...

Hi everyone! I'm ruh-EEEaly excited about this.  Remember this sculpture I found and posted about  a while ago ( I can't find the post because I suck at labeling). ..
 Well I considered selling it on the shop, so I took it down and flipped it over to see who made it and do some research.
I found a small round sticker on the back the same as the top one below, so enter Google.
I discover it was made by this dude, Mark Weinstein back in the 70's...
They had a downloadable brochure on the site from 1974 that showcased his collection...
Anybody else have anything that looks remotely familiar to this stuff? Do share!

And HELLO! There is my piece turned sideways above.
Hi Topaz, nice to meet you. Lovely name you have there.

 He does some amazing pieces, and was considered a Brutalist. He started off working at his father's scrap yard out of high school and found tons of inspiration there. He learned welding and started making sculptures and started his company Marc Creates in 1967.
It is now run mostly by his two sons, and they are remaking his original pieces. The new pieces have the marking below the sticker above and the bigger ones retail around $1000, and his original works have the sticker.  I found some of his original collection on 1st Dibs...

I know these prices are way inflated and all, but I did the happy dance and had an" almost peed my pants moment" regardless. I 'd hug the thing, but I'd cut the crap out myself doing so.
I think I'm keeping this one. Unless of course some rich Mark Weinstein collector would like to add "Topaz" to their collection for a fair price. call me ;) 

I'm off to act like an idiot & feel all smug and proud of myself for buying crap.


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