The Chant is Up!

Two lamps or one? Can't decide.

I finally wallpapered my entrance last week.  I was originally going use the Lulu DK Chant in my mudroom, but there were way too many doors and windows.  All the math and the fact that I was doing it myself made me chicken out.  I have much bigger plans with paint for the mudroom now, so stay tuned.  (It just may be my most ambitious and crazy project ever). Anyhow, this was a straight wall, with a little patch over the front door. 5 strips and relatively easy.  Here is the before...
By the way, this funky lantern came with the house and makes me happy!

Last Nights Home Invasion...

of little green men.  We all have strange family traditions.  Anybody else do this?  My mom was great at making us believe in magic.  She did this for my sisters and I.  Every St. Patrick's eve we would put out a note, a little bowl and a glass of milk and honey for the leprechauns. Then we'd go to bed anticipating their visit.  We'd wake up like it was Christmas, run to the kitchen and be in utter amazement of all their tiny green footprints they left behind.  They'd also fill the little bowl with coins from their pot under the rainbow. 

It was magical, and it got me in alot of trouble too.  First off I believed in everything!  My only visit to the principals office was because of the fist fight I got in over their existence in 3rd grade.  "But they are real, they leave footprints!"  Obviously the other kid's mom didn't spend hours cutting tiny construction paper feet.  Now it is my turn to carry out the tradition for my 2 and 4 year old.  Today also happens to be my husband's birthday.  He had no idea when he married me that he'd be waking up to this on his big day.  Here is a survey of lasts night's visit...  Yes, my leprechauns do have feet like Barney Rubble.

I'm not alone though.  My sister emailed me pictures of the leprechaun's visit to her house.  Seems the Philly leprechauns have a much narrower feet...

If you have children, another great trick I learned from my son's preschool is to put a few drops of green food coloring in the tank of your toilet.  Have the camera ready when they flush and the water changes to  green.  Oh those leprechauns love to play tricks. 

So, anyone else have any stories of bizarre family traditions?  I'd love to know I'm not alone.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Easy Breezy

The forecast for 50- 60 degrees for the next week has me so excited for
warmer weather. Although I'm not in beach mode quite yet, these images definitely make me look forward to sand, bare feet and mojitos. I just love the driftwood starburst mirror.
take a close look...

A great, cheap DIY. I have a huge 3' round piece of mirror that I have been trying to figure what to do with. Hmmmm...I might just take a walk to the beach this week to do some scouring.

Love the globe collection. What a statement, and the colors are beautiful.

Cottage Style


A girl after my own heart!

I stumbled upon Dayka Robinson's blog Life + Style and went all gaga when I saw her painted lamps. As many of you know I don't hide my lighting fetish well, and I especially love reworked vintage... the crappier the befores the better the afters (in most cases). Add my other favorite thing to do, paint anything and everything, and you have found the key to my heart. OK, that sounds really pathetic. Anyhow, these just go to show you what fabulous vision she has.
Check em...

gold and glam after


You can't go wrong with high gloss white.

What a great score! I would have loved to see the room he originally came from!
Now run to your local thrift shop and get some paint!

Oscar de la Renta + Lee Jofa =

About time! Just check out that fabric on the right. I'm smitten* I want.
Love the colors!  Its bold, got a great palette. Can't wait to see it in person and see the other colorways.
If you haven't seen this months Elle Decor, here is a peek at Oscar de la Renta's new line of fabrics for Lee Jofa. His creative director is Miles Redd, so you know its gonna knock socks. Not available until this summer... Boo! Tease! I'm way too impatient.
Check out the pleated silk and the chevron made from ribbons and linen...
I'm feeling all tingly.

If you don't have a copy here is what you are missing...

Also has a rug line for Elson & Co. and furniture through Century.
Rock on old man!

Pennies from Heaven!

Hi Everyone! Yawn! I've just come out of blog hibernation... seriously I could have at the length I've been absent from here. Its been a busy and LONG winter! I had been hoping to have a lot of projects around the house completed by now, but even those got shoved on the back burner.
Well, I am refocusing myself. That little burst of spring weather this past weekend got me energized & my wheels are spinning. I have been writing my To Do List and is it ever long and ambitious. I actually wallpapered my entrance foyer this afternoon with two kids playing Matchboxes around my feet, and plan on painting my bathroom at some point this week during their nap time. My Mojo is back!!!

Speaking of the bathroom here is the latest accidental update to the 60's ranch. We weren't planning on redoing anything for a year or two, just replacing the shower floor tiles for now. (They were scary.) Well as usual, that opened a can of worms and led to the discovery of black mold in the walls and also there was nothing holding the tiles to the walls since the wire mesh used had long since disintegrated.

I found these penny tiles on (a great deal @ $67 a case with $2.95 shipping for the whole order) and originally ordered enough just to do the floor. When the walls came down I had to quickly come up with a configuration for the walls, and since I love me a good horizontal stripe I decided to just take them all the way to the ceiling.

They actually match the old tile (which is still in the rest of the bath), so it goes for now and eventually the rest will get a face lift too. Now to paint the walls, because right before this mess I had painted them a navy and white chevron... and with the new striped shower and the chevron walls I'm nauseous.
The BEFORE...Lovely old shower, sorry for the crappy pic. Its the only one I have.

I will be back soon with prettier, and much more inspiring stuff than a moldy shower!
I promise.


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