When I squint at my tree I see...

As a lover of all things sparkly, Christmas lights are awesome in my book.  I usually do white, but having kids has given me a new appreciation for colored lights. So much so, I actually bought a big pack the other day while I was out hoarding incandescent lights (thanks for the heads up Mom). 
There is something beautifully "Lite-Brite" and retro about them...
So I added a poll to the top of my side bar.  How do you light it up?
 Vote. Please. I am just curious. And nosey. And bored.
And leave a comment if you have strong feelings on the matter...

I'm back! With an iMac!

Hello, hello! How I missed you guys! After the past week of technology crash hell, I am so glad to be back online.  I apologize to everyone that I owe emails to...I'm on it.  
Please note the two zits on my chin. Zit #1- Computer Crash Zit  #2- Deadlines 

Last night the hubs and I went computer shopping for a new desktop for the home office, our Christmas gift for each other.  We have always been PC peeps, but we have entered the Mac side.  Holy crap is it awesome!!!!  The screen makes my peepers so happy, and all my favorite blogs are so bright and shiny! I get my laptop back today, and I will still be using it for all my CAD, but now at least I feel a bit more crash proof.
I am in the middle of setting up the new office in the guest room- please note the assortment of crap in the background.  Got big plans for this room, and it is going to be kid proofed. I am setting up the old dinosaur desktop in the kitchen to play their Angry Birds on.  

I will be back in full effect shortly once I have home base all set up.
Missed you!  And if anyone has anything cool I should know or Apps I need for a Mac, do tell. I am a virgin here.


Monday, no fun day, and a 20% off O'verlay code.

Insert imaginary picture of middle finger here.

I will spare you the details, but I am the proud owner of:
-a crashed laptop
-a glitchy dinosaur "backup" computer that won't let me load photos to my posts
-a dead vacuum
-a phone that will not let me get into my Gmail

Monday, you suck.  Same to you technology.  Why do all my devices choose the same time to die or act up? Its not even in threes anymore- who else is planning to off themselves today?  TV, camera you want a piece? Do I have a forcefield around me or something? 

OK, while I go find myself a tech geek, I have some holiday cheer for you.  We are running a 20% off sale at O'verlays. Use coupon code HOHO20 at the checkout.  Good til this Sunday 12/11/11, not valid on custom orders.  Enjoy!

I will be back shortly once I get things fixed, or I find a proper comuter to blog from.  In the meantime I can yap to you from FB.

Deck the door...

I haven't bought any wreaths yet, and I am kind of glad.  I am really liking these simple snowflake inspired wreaths, and some look super easy to assemble with basic pine boughs or swags....

                 but if all else fails, it will be my second favorite: good old balls to the walls (or doors)...

How do you decorate your front door during the holiday season?


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