Monday, January 31, 2011

Would you rather...

 So out of curiosity, I'm just wondering which igloo would you choose to vacation in...
 the real deal or a more tropical version?
 I personally opt for heat.  I have never been able to wrap my head around vacationing in an ice hotel.  Although it does look amazing and I have it on the "someday" list, I just hate being cold. I'm afraid I'd ruin the trip for anyone with me because I'd bitching about numb toes. They would need to silence me with large amounts of alcohol or an electric blanket.  Anyone out there have any good stories to convince me otherwise?

In the mean time, 20" of snow are due in the next two days. I'll have plenty of time to practice building my own igloo and toughen up,
and will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy one of these...

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Katy said...

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