Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boats, no kids, mojitos

Thats what I've been doing.  Last weekend the hubs took me away to Florida without the kids.  
It was pretty fantastic.
I did miss the boys, especially when I heard their little pipsqueak voices on the phone- they always sound about 3 years younger...  but the man and I slept in, went for walks and runs together (7.5 miles the first day)- and I still mananged to pack on a few pounds because the jeans I flew down in were WAY tight on the way home.  I'm talking top button undone tight.  Must have been the liquid lunches and dinners of mojitos buffered with red velvet anything.

One of the "non-laying on our backs while drinking and absorbing sunlight"activities we did was go on a boat trip fishing.
A friend of my husband, Brandt Symes,  now runs Sanibel Custom Charters.  He took us out for the day fishing, and we actually caught stuff!  We can't remember exactly what they were, but the real fishermen would probably consider some of them bait.

 My husband and his "guppy/shark bait" (we really can't remember the name)...
 Me looking all "ewwww" at my fish. 
I was actually pretty badass baiting my own hook and all with "live things"
- killing those poor shrimp.
Then we stopped for lunch at a very cool spot. A little remote island called Cabbage Key
 You can actually sleep here if you are so inclined.
 But most people just take a boat or ferry for a day trip...
 Inside the restaurant the walls and ceilings are lined with dollar bills, about 70,000 I think...
Dollars actually make for a very interesting and expensive wallcovering.

 And if you are up for it...

After a beautiful day on the water it was back to a marathon of more mojitos...

admiring Christmas lights tropical style...
more mojitos...

and lots of this...

Now we are home its 30 degrees and we are feeling like we are freezing- bunch of babies we are! 
But we're glad to be back with the pipsqueaks, Legos and pie baking/Thanksgiving happenings.

Hope you all have a terrific Turkey Day!

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