Marbled Bookcase Complete...

Hey everybody! Remember my post from the beginning of the week about Paper Mojo and their awesome marble papers?   Well my papers arrived yesterday (so FAST!!! love it.) and they are amazingly gorgeous.  I wasted no time getting to work on my bookcase last night. 
AND It was really easy and quick!

First I laid them out and decided what went where since they were all different...

Then I hung them using Scotch Poster Tape.  It is removable from both the wall and paper if I ever change my mind (and you know I do).  Also, the paper is on the thinner side, so I was afraid of any imperfections in my bookcases showing through if I used a glue.  

I stuck the tape around the perimeter and peeled off the top corner and then peeled back all the edges of the remaining pieces.  This keeps them from sticking to the wall as I try to arrange the paper, and I can easily pull the tabs off once I have it straight...

 I aligned the top corner and worked across attaching and smoothing the top tabs. Next, the key to getting it nice and smooth is to slide your hand from the top center down to the bottom, and attach the bottom center tab. Then continue to smooth out from the center to the sides, and lastly the bottom corners.  The great thing about this tape was that I could reposition it if I needed to.  I then trimmed the overhang on the right with a sharp razor blade...
 The sheets were 25"x almost 37" (a nice surprise because they said 24x36 online- and my shelves were 37" high).  I had to seam in for the larger areas, and adjusted my shelves to hide that...

I really LOVE it now!  ANd complete, this project cost less than $50.

 I am not done with the room yet, or the shelf layouts, but wanted to give you a peek and let you know Paper Mojo is for sure an amazing resource. I will definitely be getting more!

 close up...


Holy crapsticks! Have you been to Paper Mojo yet? 
 I have never been so quick to whip out my wallet and commit, even with a mind bending assortment of paper like some of my favorites below...

I found this site today after seeing Jenny's amazing DIY Agate Trash Can she  made using a piece of their freeform marbled paper.  (She originally was using the paper as artwork).

They carry a wide array of papers and designs perfect for small projects.  I bought a few pieces of 24"x 36" marbled paper (see bottom left above) that I am going to use to paper the backs of my bookcases.
(I have been tortured trying to decide on a color to paint them for years, 
and paper is so much faster and easier!)  

Best part was the price. $5.75  a sheet!  
Less than a dollar a square foot, and there are many patterns for even less.

So besides bookcases...

I'm also thinking they have lots of great papers that would be perfect for small projects like lamps and lampshades...


and stair risers to name a few.

And lets not get started on all the knick knacks you can decoupage the shit out of!
How about you? Need a big pop of color and pattern for a small space?

abusing the word "cool"

Sorry, but I am at a loss for adjectives today, and this space is just plain cool. 

On the continuation of summer and all its fabulousness, I wanted to share with you this Aussie beach house located in Byron Bay.  It oozes cool and carefree, and if I had a dream "vacation house" this would be it.  The outdoor spaces make it spectacular...

Even the kids have super cool play spaces...

I mean, how cool is this skate ramp?

 And the guest house? 

Happy weekend!

Oh Summer!

Working has been tough these days with the amazing stretch of weather we've been having here in New England. I was actually talking about this with a fellow blog friend last night over drinks (while lounging outside of course).  We both are having such a hard time getting motivated and focused on work related issues.  We get two great months of this weather here TOPS, so you feel like you need to suck every balmy moment up.  Add to that the fact that I just left vacation mode and it gets magnified.

I got to catch up on my magazine reading while I was on vacation, and was immediately drawn to this space designed by Jim Gauthier that is located on the New Hampshire coast.  
It's vibe matched the relaxed mode I was in.

I got a lot of ideas I would love to incorporate into my own space, like this amazing trellised opening and porch swing... 

brick floors and stripes...

 a favorite color combo: white, orange and blue and lots of slipcovers...
another swing- this time on a screened porch 
(big fan of those because I hate bugs)
And what is not to love about this kitchen?
black walls, seashell pendants, breadboard ceiling...

 a bright and cozy nook...
and the outside isn't too shabby either.
I really love the two levels of porches...

I have been taking big chunks out of my To Do list since I returned- 
so much so I sprained my back, again! 

I blame it on the "fresh eyes" syndrome.  Whenever I return home after I have been away for a while I love to really look at my space carefully. For those first 10 minutes when I walk in the door I see the space a bit differently, kind of like an outsider.  I can see things that need editing much better than I can when I am immersed in it all the time.  

I wasted no time editing, moving furniture, painting a floor and spraining my back.
I am hoping it heals quick because I have a banquette I am dying to finish & share with you.
In the mean time it will be lots of pretty pictures around here.

more please...

 impromptu night swimming,
 summer crushes,
(my 5 year old likes them older and strong)

beach ninjas

and waking to bears raiding your trash (which is both scary and so cool).

Vacation was awesome!
(so awesome we're planning to do it again before the summer ends)

Hope you all had a great 4th week.
Back to reality.


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