Art, get some.

I know most of you already know about the website 20x200 , but for those of you who don't you must check it out. Its is the brain child of gallery owner Jen Bekman. In a nutshell, it was created as a means to offer great artwork at even greater prices. The works are offered on three sizes, the smallest size costs just $20 and is produced in limited editions of 200... hence the name 20x200. Great idea, great alternative to your basic ready-made art. What a nice way to add some color to your walls, and at that price you can shop and change out your art seasonally or by your mood. I have added a few selections currently on the website...

I saw these and thought of my sons rooms, a bit more sophisticated than generic kids room art...

And speaking of art and kids I have to mention my sister-in-law Jill Herrick Lee. She is an artist that works mostly in encaustics and mixed media. Her most recent works are incredibly playful... literally. Using bright colors, kinetics, and toys pieces like light brights she stirs up nostalgic memories of childhood. Check out her blog to see more!

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