Totally off the subject, but I had to share. I was going through my e-mails and came across the new addition to the Gap family...

I was hesitant to open it because 1) I really don't need to be shopping for more stuff at this moment and 2) I don't put that much thought into my workout clothes. Curiosity got the best of me and I am glad it did. They have some seriously cute stuff! Great motivation to get dressed and get moving, or just look good hanging out having a cup of coffee. Regardless, you won't have an excuse not to workout.

They carry everything from underwear to surfing gear... and its easy to shop because you can also browse by your specific sport. I also love that they carry tall sizes! Here are some of my finds that go from couch surfing to 5K...

Pilayo Warm Up Pant


Backspin Tennis Dress

I'm loving this skirt/capri combo...
goodbye sweatshirt tied around the waist!


I love this,
it makes me want to start running seriously.

Get Moving, Summer is Almost Here!

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