Wallet Friendly Finds

I always forget about Urban Outfitters. Its on my list of favorites, but I always scan past it and think clothing and college gag gifts... which they have plenty of. I clicked on today to scour the home furnishing department and was pleasantly surprised by the number of budget friendly chic finds. You can easily update your house with these summer looks and not break the bank.

The Lulu Chair gives you a burst of color
and a great summer graphic to liven up your space. I'd paint the legs black or white.
This wicker poof measures 30" in diameter and is $88.
The navy Ikat Slipper chair is fresh and sophisticated. Can easily go dressy traditional
or beachy casual.

Love the Mimosa Table.

How fun!
This yellow poppy rug is so summery.
4x6 is $148

Wire Mesh stool comes in a few different fabric options and look like they be very easy to customize with your own fabric. Super versatile as an accent or coffee table by adding a tray or extra seating. Buy a bunch, they are only $48.

Clean and simple mid century throw back at mid century pricing.
On sale for $399!

Great Graphics!
Black & White Ikat 5x7 rug...
$29.99 !!??

Add some instant drama to a space. This black crystal chandelier measures 2 feet in diameter and is only $158.

Super Steal!
Both of these fixtures are only 29.99!

A queen sized velvet upholstered headboard for $300!

White Light Clock

A set of these Wellie Vases would make a great planter on a front porch.

Loved these. They just make me yearn for a clean, simple, decluttered desk. Oh how I wish I was an organized person. Sigh*

Stapler $28

Pencil Sharpener $8

And lastly a motto to live by...

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