Sorry to be MIA, this past week has been a bit hectic and I have been on a painting job in Boston for the past few days. Feeling a bit tapped out I will stick to what I know, paint. While digging through my folders I came across one of my favorite painted floors... Mary McDonald's gorgeous light blue chevron stripe. Its so light and airy but the graphic quality of the stripe gives it a grounded edge.
Here is my second favorite. I found it at uktv . I love how simple it is, in both design and execution. Anyone could do this with a roll of blue painters tape... seriously! Check out how the runner wraps the corner and continues down the hall.

Always a sucker for a white floor... doesn't get any easier than that! Instantly brighten any space.
Country Living

A great alternative to an area rug, and much cheaper.

This might take a bit more time to do... but how show-stopping!
Grace Wood Design

Here is a link to one of my favorite stencil sources. The Stencil Library has tons of designs and they usually come in at least three to four different sizes. Here are some of my faves...

They have lots of borders too...

If you get inspired to do one yourself just make sure your floor is properly prepped. It needs to be clean, free of grease and debris. A light sanding is recommended to remove any high spots. The key to keeping the design from wearing or chipping is to make sure it is sealed well with at least 2-3 coats of a clear coat (I prefer an acrylic base to oil so there isn't any yellowing).

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