Sunporch: Phase One Complete

Nothing like an IKEA run to get your juices flowing. I have been putting this project off for weeks but now have completed the first step... the cornice boards and curtains and the electrical. I loaded up on plain white cotton panels (2/$9.99!)and a bunch of black and white striped 3x5 mats (where else can you fashion a 5x 9 rug for under $15?) and got busy!
The next round involves more paint and decorating... new cushions for the patio set, I'm keeping the old vinyl in the mean time because I really like the aqua and its water repellent for the kids. For now I need to add some pillows in a splashy color... maybe coral, chartreuse or yellow? I'm kinda sad because the black and white fabric I bought for the upholstery will be way too busy, maybe another room can use it. Now I just need a great pillow fabric to tie it all together. Any suggestions? I might paint the table tops and the mirror, can't decide. I'm going to upload this picture into the Color Viewer and play around with a few different schemes.
Part of my husbands for sale sign collection,...

Let me take you way back to the BEFORE... This is the porch back before the house was even ours, from when we just looking at it to buy. Dark wood ceilings, painted dragonflies and the two toned shed (I forgot about that)

My inspiration pieces for this project. Flea market finds ...several panels of square lattice I picked up last year & the spaghetti lamp from this year. Oh, there is that damn Can Converter. Yes it works, but I highly recommend hiring an electrician to do the work. It took me two hours, a lot of swearing and some soul searching as I contemplated what my family would do if I died from electrocution, but its done.

The painting took forever! I can't believe how many coats it took.

Ikea tension cable and panels.

Hanging the Cornice

I will add more pics as I go, In the mean time here are my Q's for you..
A little poll:
Do I band the curatins in black?
To paint some of the furniture or not? Its too much wood in my opinion.
Change out coffee table for a round one? Got alot of one set going on, feeling too matchy.
Accent colors and fabrics?
I'd love some suggestions!


krista daley said...

Go Dana Go! I am thrilled to see the old furniture again! Love the color turquoise here - when do you find the time?? Keep at it! :)

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Looks great sister. Def. like the furniture layout like this. You are quick.

The Glam Lamb said...

You are amazing!! Loves it!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see the furniture of my teenage years transformed into your beautiful sun porch! Separating the couch into chairs gives it a different look... Grandma & Grandpa would be so happy to see what you've done with it!! Aunt Andrea

Noni a.k.a Angie said...

Nice job! love black and white designs...classic with a pop of suggestion is yellow or aqua marine!

JolieAnne said...

I like the aqua chairs with the black/white. What do you think of gray/driftwood colors to cover the wood? If you add plants it will work well with the wood, I think.
Whatever you do will look great!
I enjoy your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Do not band those curtains - it will stop your eye and right now the curtains blend in with the outside view and don't really take away from everything else. You need a lower round coffee table - maybe one with a irredescent glass tile top that brings in the water color. No idea for the wood tables - except they need to be a little lighter. Lime green and a shrimp color would contrast nicely for accents. You done good girl.


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