Just in Time for Father's Day

This past weekend my husband and I were in shock about how crazy it was that the pool heater ran through 40% of a tank of propane in a weekend. So he half joking says " Why can't we put a giant magnifying glass over our pool to heat it? It fries ants, right?" Well I happened to be perusing Mantiques Modern yesterday thinking " Wow, Paul would love this site!" when Bam! I stumble upon this...

a collection of giant lenses from the estate of an artist that worked on the Hubble telescope. I had to laugh, because if I could afford it (whenever I see "contact dealer" I know its a "If you have to ask..") this would make such a cool display and a great gift.
Here are some more great items for the men in your life (or any mantown you happen to be decorating)...

For the macho gun enthusiast that has everything,
but lacks something sculptural for their pad...

Giant WWII Training Model of a .50 Caliber Machine Gun

For the teenager, need I say more.

1960's Pop Art "Pornography" Box

This masculine set of 24" mirrors would look fabulous in a bathroom over double sinks
or over a pair of nightstand.

These Italian Nesting Trays are a great conversation piece, measuring 12" tall.

I thought these French Wood Lounge Chairs would look fabulous in any decor.

Oh so manly...Pierre Cardin Steel and Glass Desk .

Perforated Steel Bookcase

A little something sculptural to beef up the garden...

and a little something for me. I love the color of this over sized Hermes Birkin Travel bag.

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I'll take that Birkin, please. :)


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