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(6/15/09 This is an update to Friday's post.)

I have a new addiction, upholstering. I am having so much fun, yes I said fun. I want to re-do all the furniture in my house. I've learned quite a bit this past week, got really frustrated and I made some big mistakes, so I decided to sign up for a class in it. I have no desire to make it a career, I just want to make things look pretty... my M.O. for most of my crazy whims. I promise won't bother you with any more upholstery talk for a while after this. Here is where I'm at so far...

Fan back is almost done, just needs the cushion.

This is my latest find... literally right off the street this Sunday on my way home from a coffee run. It was quite the mess, but it was free and I decided I could experiment on it and not get too upset if I screwed it up. It going in my husband's office, I used up the rest of my black and white fabric on it.

In progress ...

Patience is a virtue that I wish I had. Learning to upholster is going so slowly. It has consumed every free second I've got and I've run into problems with the springs... but I'm happy with the results so far. (I just have to restrain myself from doing sloppy shortcuts.)


nikinikinine said...

I am reupholstering outdoor seat cushions and I'm already ready to cry. I think when it comes time to do our wing chairs I'm outsourcing!

This looks great so far - did you change the shape of the petite wing backs (the previous pictures look more squared off) or did you just decide to use this material on the fan back instead?

nicolette said...

So far so good. Does this chair has a separate seating you can take apart? If not, how do you upholster the seating?


Danika Herrick said...

Thanks! I decided to use it on the fan back. I'm going to do the petite wingbacks in a natural linen w/ nailheads... if I still have the energy after this one. I'm totally with you on the seat cushions. They are so hard to keep everything lined up. Upholstering has been a bit easier b/c I'm stapling not sewing. There is a seat cushion for this chair that I'm saving for last... I really hate doing cushions.


What fantastic results! I really admire you for learning to do this.

LindsB said...

The chairs look amazing!! Isnt it addicting though, I'm already looking for my next project.

My name: Julie My design firm: SHELTER said...

Great Job Danika!!


Deepali Kalia Interior Design Blog Filling Spaces said...

wonderful job:)


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