After looking at numerous houses lately I have been pretty disappointed in the yards. They are either big grass patches in need of major landscaping or landscaped, but not that practical in their layouts. There was one house that I thought was interesting because it was the ideal summer fun house, and here in New England we live for summer. (Its actually getting auctioned off as I write this). The direct backyard had an enormous bluestone patio with a pool AND cabana (love those cabanas!) as well as a large deck and grassy yard for kids to play.

I came across this layout in DESIGN new england and it got me pondering the perfect backyard. I think I'd love to have a large hardscaped are for entertaining, with several niches for sitting, dining, lounging in the sun.... and a pool wouldn't be bad either. Also, grassy patch with a swingset for the kids. Now all i need is to hit Mega Bucks! Oh well, here is my vision board. Add on the previous post as well.

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jazs07 said...

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