Black Walls

I am so excited about a current project because I have a fabulous client that is not afraid of the dark. He is completely into the idea of doing a black room (in this case it will be the guest room and bath). We are thinking of using Osborne and Little's Minaret in black on black.
I love this look because its is so bold and sophisticated and sexy and edgy all at the same time. It can be played in so many directions too, from clean and modern to over the top Draperesque traditional. I'll post pictures when I'm done, in the meantime here is a little black room photo montage to enjoy..
Anyone else loving black rooms?


For more black rooms check out this link for Apartment Therapy.

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Jennifer, Inside Out Colour and Design said...

These images are so beautfiul. The first black room I saw was back in the '80's when friends bought a new house and the front room was painted black including the ceiling. Think it was used a dark room for a photographer. These on the other hand are so calm and sophisticated. Don't you love it when a client isn't afraid of anything. Can't wait to see your finished room.


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