UDATE: 9/26/09 Here is a more current kitchen pic. Floors came out pretty good, had to rent the giant floor scrubbing buffer machine from Home Depot to get them them shiny and waxed.
YAY! I'm amazed how much has gotten done in the past few days. The electricians showed up yesterday and got half my lights up (check out the spaghetti pendant-LOVE). THey come back Tuesday to finish. The painting is almost done (the room in the distance used to be lovely wood panel), the plumber is done, my Dad is coming up to help us out this weekend... and I have a babysitter coming Saturday and Sunday so I can get this place cleaned up and ready for move in! Life is good.


Erin said...

Looks so great!! I heart that pendant!

Harriet said...

Loving this set up!! I am in the market for the same fiberglass shell chairs. Right now, I am thinking about purchasing from Modernica. Any ideas on how to find a set of 6 at a better price?

Danika Herrick said...

EBay! I searched for a while and really wanted orange ones. I wound up finding these knock offs on there for $70 each, no shipping... perfect price for kids abusing them. THey have a lighter weight plastic shell than the real deal, but hopefully they'll last a while. They also have lots of vintage Herman Miller in sets, Good Luck!

EAVAN Taylor said...

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