Blue Christmas?

I know its still a bit premature, but Christmas really is my favorite holiday. I made my son a construction paper countdown chain back in the end of September! (More for me them him I think.) I figured I'd ease in gently with my favorite color, turquoise. Still a fan of traditional reds and greens, but this could be fun. Isn't the mantle above just the balls! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) But isn't it?

Love that chandelier!

Canadian House and Home, Hooked on Houses


Erin said...

Danika, your post just made my night! I can't think of anything better than turquoise + Christmas! My favorite color with my favorite holiday...whoa! Never too early. And yes, that first image is that mantle!

chair up said...

All gorgeous images. I must say, those green and white stripe chairs in the 4th pic really caught my eye!

meg said...

Love your blog, love the turquoise xmas, and we must have been working under the same design constellations. take a look...

oops ...i can't attach a jpg file, so here is a glimpse
best, meg carter

Danika Herrick said...

Thanks Meg! Love your work, I'm gonna be posting the Buddah bracelet soon. Gorgeous!


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