Mid- House Crisis

OK, October was a wash for blogging. Since moving I haven't been able to get into any sort of a groove. I've just been putting all my energy into projects I've been working on. I just seems so much easier to decorate someone else's space than my own.

The new house has me stuck. I thought it would be so fun to live in the Brady's house, but I'm finding my love of retro fading fast. I hate my stuff. I want to sell it all and start over, I know that isn't realistic or practical. It just doesn't work in this space. The space is seeming less funky and more dated. Its quirks that I loved at first are starting to annoy me.

I also feel a style metamorphosis happening too. You know that feeling when you just don't even know what you like anymore? I'm there. I've just endured nearly two weeks of being housebound with my two sick kids. During that time I've had plenty of time to move around furniture and dream up color schemes in my head. Sadly, I'm in no better shape than I was a month ago, just more irritated . I've been flipping through magazines trying to figure out what it is that I like these days. I stumbled upon this image and started to realize I need warmth. I still love me a great pattern and a sputnik, but the idea of modern rustic is very appealing... cozy, worn and livable. Enough said, here are some images I'm loving today...

Funny, this actually reminds me of my mom's style. Guess I'm craving homey and familiar.

To be continued...
Canadian House & Home
Elle Decor


Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

You are so right, it is a lot easier to decorate someone else's space. Hope your moving is going good. I know moving can be crazy.

chair up said...

I know exactly what you mean...I read a blog post last week that I loved so much it made me decide, finally, how I was going to decorate my house, relaxed beach cottage, a touch of scandanavian style....2 days later I read another post that blew me away, black and white, pared back classic, with a touch of luxe....argh, I'm driving myself crazy here!
Hope you find some peace of mind soon :o)
My daughter (12) shares your pretty name although different spelling (Danneke).


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