Pennies from Heaven!

Hi Everyone! Yawn! I've just come out of blog hibernation... seriously I could have at the length I've been absent from here. Its been a busy and LONG winter! I had been hoping to have a lot of projects around the house completed by now, but even those got shoved on the back burner.
Well, I am refocusing myself. That little burst of spring weather this past weekend got me energized & my wheels are spinning. I have been writing my To Do List and is it ever long and ambitious. I actually wallpapered my entrance foyer this afternoon with two kids playing Matchboxes around my feet, and plan on painting my bathroom at some point this week during their nap time. My Mojo is back!!!

Speaking of the bathroom here is the latest accidental update to the 60's ranch. We weren't planning on redoing anything for a year or two, just replacing the shower floor tiles for now. (They were scary.) Well as usual, that opened a can of worms and led to the discovery of black mold in the walls and also there was nothing holding the tiles to the walls since the wire mesh used had long since disintegrated.

I found these penny tiles on (a great deal @ $67 a case with $2.95 shipping for the whole order) and originally ordered enough just to do the floor. When the walls came down I had to quickly come up with a configuration for the walls, and since I love me a good horizontal stripe I decided to just take them all the way to the ceiling.

They actually match the old tile (which is still in the rest of the bath), so it goes for now and eventually the rest will get a face lift too. Now to paint the walls, because right before this mess I had painted them a navy and white chevron... and with the new striped shower and the chevron walls I'm nauseous.
The BEFORE...Lovely old shower, sorry for the crappy pic. Its the only one I have.

I will be back soon with prettier, and much more inspiring stuff than a moldy shower!
I promise.


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

i didn't know overstock sold tile-where have i been??

love the stripes, and i'm so jealous of your body sprays!

Cristin said...




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