Easy Stone Planter DIY

Found this in BHG and think I might try it this weekend. I love the look of hewn stone planters, and this allows you to make your own shape and sizes. Seems pretty easy, the only part that is kind of a bummer is the curing part (30 days), but that is just because I'm so impatient!  Besides planters you can also create garden sculptures.  I'd love to cover some big styrofoam balls and use them in my garden.  Here are the directions...

Make a Hypertufa Trough



Jennifer said...

These have been on my to do list for at least three years and I have to say I put it off because I'm afraid of the mess but I love the look - one of my older posts has information and pics on these and there was even a cool sphere. Let me know how it goes - maybe you'll give this cowardly lioness courgage!! Jennifer stop by jennsthreegraces

Nick said...

I have made a lot of these over the years. Yes you really do need to let them cure for 30 days, but are a great winter project when you are excited for spring. You can leave in your basement and then take out in the spring to pant with beautiful blubs.


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