Donations Still Needed!

Recycle For Hunger, the new thrift store in Peabody, MA for St. Joseph's Food Pantry, is almost open.  (Well actually it sort of is... the doors are open and they are taking donations and if you happen to spot something you like they'd gladly sell it to you.)  I stopped in today and was so excited to see that it is filling up. 
They still REALLY need donations though and will gladly pick up.  They have a box truck so large pieces of furniture are no problem.  So please pass this along to anyone around the Boston area that has unwanted furniture, electronics, clothing or linens or enjoys thrift stores.  Actually, regardless of where you live, just donate your unwanted stuff to a good cause.  It will either be sold and the proceeds will go to the foundation or it will be given to someone that really could use it.  And its green people!
 Recycle for Hunger is located at 26 Howley St., Peabody, MA. 
 Call 978-854-5282 to schedule a pick up or for directions.
 Here are some pics of some items available...

cute slipper chair
almost bought the white milk glass lamp
lots of tables

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