A New Kind of Crack

I've got it bad when it comes to paint. I "renovate with paint".  If its a paintable surface I WILL paint it. 
Recently I came across RustOleum's Countertop Paint while I was at Home Depot.  I've painted laminate before, buts its a loooong process... sand, clean, prime with XIM (which smells horrendous), paint and finally seal.   No more my friends.  See all the colors it can be tinted here.  It looks simple, no primer, just roll it on.  Done.
 I have two guinea pigs  bathrooms with fake 1960's "marble" laminate cabinets screaming to be painted white...

I know, I should probably do the tile while I'm at it.  I will hopefully have an after for you soon.  My husband will have some objections to this one because he knows how impatient I am and will be fearing I'll screw it up and he'll need to buy new cabinets.

AND for those of you with a real bad paint fetish don't forget about this...
Fabric and Upholstery Spray Paint. Yes, that is correct. Go get off your couch and paint it.  Even this one is pushing it for me, but Jenny from Little Green Notebook did some benches and she gives it the thumbs up.

I am thinking lampshades, low nap area rugs... hmmmm.  I'll have to get back to you on this one.
In the mean time I'd love to hear from anyone that has tried either of these products.

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The Zhush said...

Can't wait for your review of this....I need to do this to some counter tops!


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