What I look at while I blog...

I have been re-doing my office the past couple weeks.  It, like my family room, was a dark wood paneled hole and was super depressing to hang out in.  While working on it I realized (well actually just confirmed) a few things about myself in the process.  My office is MY space and I found that the objects I placed in there were much more personal than those I'd place in my living room.  The space is a bit brighter and "crazy" than the rest of the house, but it  is a reflection of me and what I find inspiring.
Here are some things I realized...

 No matter how badly I want an all white space I am a color obsessed person and need to be surrounded by it.  I will change my paint color with my mood or season.  It makes me happy.  Wildly patterned objects do too. I painted my office coral.  I love it, and I'm OK with the fact that it will be a different color by this time next year. 

(My yellow pineapple lamp w/ some added "flair", and some other things that make me happy)

 I am a retro girl at heart and I need something vintage around me.  I'm quirky and I like quirky things. 
I also love sentimental things that remind me of my childhood or loved ones.

(My Grandfather's sign from his business and my Grandma's color wheel/ chart remind me that hard work and creativity is key.  They were a big part of my life and I also have a few of my Grandma's painting hanging too.)

 I love shiny, sparkly objects... hence the name of my blog.  I must have been a crow in a past life.  I am always picking up vintage baubles in my travels and I
keep a plate of them out for inspiration on my work table. 

 I have issues.  Who doesn't?  Mine is that I REALLY want to be one of the organized people, but my A.D.D. brain will not allow it.  I do my best work when I have 5 projects to complete by tomorrow. I love when my office is neat and clean, but I thrive in chaos even though it drives me nuts.   My office is already a mess and that is why I'm only offering snippets at the moment.  Regardless it still looks better than it's before shot...

So, what do you like to surround yourself with to feel creative?

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Bromeliad said...

My home is simple and neutral but my office is crowded and colorful.

Heather said...

I've been reading your archive in bits and pieces as the mood strikes, and feeling more and more of a connection to your style. I have yellow pineapple lamps in my daughters' room, I wanted to wallpaper my dining room accent wall in that grove garden paper, coral is one of my favorite colors, I'm loving my giant Ikea pendant, "shiny" is one of my favorite colors, etc. etc. It's fun to read what you're up to, and I am thrilled to have you as the first "Follower" on my blog who I do not know personally. Welcome! I'll continue to poke around here and share my thoughts as I go. Loving it.



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