Full Circle

I've been super busy lately.  Projects galore, deadlines, kids back in school and SO many pumpkins to carve.  My mom sent me a magazine clipping from the 70's of a pumpkin she copied and made for me.   I still have the picture of me with the pumpkin at my 3rd  birthday party.
Here I am, and yes my roots are showing...
As a lover of fall or really any season or holiday that I have happy memories of, I immediately had to recreate this for my kids.  So we had a weekend of what my husband might to refer to as "forced family fun". A trip to the pumpkin patch (the first of many since this pumpkin might not make it to October) and lots of carving.  I had to recreate the pumpkin, recreate the photo and get all giddy with nostalgia.
Ah, good times.
I also let them do there own thing.  Here is my 3 year old with his take on a jack-o-lantern
thanks to his obsession with all things Toy Story ...
Maybe I'll send this picture to him one day when he has kids.

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