Has anybody tried this? I'm getting withdrawls.

 It's Montana Gold Spray Paint.  A client of mine had told me about it a while back and I have been meaning to try it, but spray paint season is unfortunately a few months away.  Cannot wait for spring. The reason I'm excited about this is because it comes in 181 COLORS! It also has a bunch of very cool features...

 AND it has this cool feature... adjustable spray...

It also claims to stick to any of these...no primer needed.
And did I mention the 181 colors?

So, if anyone from Montana Spray Paint is listening... I am a spray paint addict and would be more than happy to give it a go on one of my project posts. Oh, and I don't discriminate as far as color goes.


The Glam Lamb said...

If you are going to use black or white - you don't need to splurge on montana... BUT if you are doing a color - montana's are the best!!! i have a dear friend that's a professional graffiti artist (he gets paid to do legal walls LOL) and he swears by Montana!!

Thanks for your sweet comment btw!! my site is completely changing in a few weeks, so I look forward to your feedback. I am glad you are enjoying the tumblr too!! its so much fun to keep up with that! have a fantastic weekend. TGIF!!


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I will be all over this, you cant always find certain colors at Home Depot or Lowes. I swear I was born with a spray can in my hand.

Anonymous said...

It's great stuff! like the first commenter said, if you're looking for a basic color save the eight bucks but it comes in amazingly vibrant colors. I get so many compliments every time i use it.
i've also noticed that if i don't shake it up so much the colors are even more ridiculous, it just takes a little longer to dry.
anyway, definitely try it- and stock up in lots of colors!!

frostbitten said...

saving money by not getting montana? would you buy the lowest grade student quality paint for your white? It's amazing paint because of its color range as well as the consistency. Don't use rustoleum or other crap spray for your whites then back to montana for your colors if you want a consistent paint surface, with predictable layers.


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