Thank you Matchbook!

I know... you're like "What? Two posts in one day?" Maybe I'm coming out of the gates too strong, but I had to share this.
I'm just loving the proliferation of online magazines!  The newest, Matchbook
Magazine, is beautiful, well written and full of stylish tips and design. I'm especially excited to share this piece with you.  As a busy  thirty something designer, mom, cook, chauffer, housekeeper, you name it... I get lost in the craziness of life and often feel as if I have no clue what to wear.  I'm in the world of design feeling like I haven't a clue.  The days of sweats start to far out number the stylish ones and I finally enter a store or pick up a fashion mag and say "Eh?"or "Am I too old/young for that? " or "Could these be considered Mom Jeans?"
 They have created a list of 50 classics for your closet that are so wonderfully simple I feel like a weight has been lifted. Thank you Matchbook. Lovely pieces that combine easily. Many you probably already own. Here is a peek...

They even have a checklist here...

Now go and check out their new issue (if you haven't already!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATCHBOOK!

OK, Now I can return to being a slacky blogger.

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quintessence said...

Yes, Katie, Jane and Fallon did a great job with their first issue - and this was one of my favorite features as well. Looking forward to issue #2.


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