Guinea Pig, at your service

I blogged about this back in August.

Well, I'm finally going to try it. This will be my last hurrah of the season. I figure I'll keep riding my wave of manic spring fix-up frenzy until I eventually crash. (Yes, I will stop painting things soon. I do this every year at this time, and usually run out of steam just in time to get outside in the nice weather.) Then its all beach and mojitos and crazy projects to do while drinking them.

I will be painting my kitchen counters this weekend. It is all part of "The 5 Year Fix". The kitchen is dated, 1964. Its actually sort of cool in a "Brady" kind of way.

 I have flat front walnut laminate cabinets and off white Formica counters that have some burn marks. 
 Oh, and I can't forget the sweet original white wall ovens.  The fridge is dying, so that my be replaced soon.

We will probably getting around to the "real" renovation in 5 years, basically the life of a painted counter.
 Until then I have been given permission to do what I wish with paint and a modest budget. 
So here is my plan:
1) Paint the counters white, then possibly faux to Cararra marble.

 (Nervous about this, I did decorative painting for 12 years but I haven't done this technique in about 7 years. If I fail, they will go back to white.)
2) Paint the "tall" cabinets white or all uppers. I played around with this on Ben Moore's color viewer...
this helps blend my white appliances away.
tried all uppers, leaving a few walnut pops...
and just doors, too jumpy I think...
3) Replace faucet
4) Paint walls. Currently Turquoise. Need to neutralize. No idea what color yet.
5)New cabinet hardware.
6) Fun part. Decorate and accessorize. I have an eat in area that currently has an IKEA tulip table and white eiffel chairs. Want to switch one of those elements out for either an old limed round table or white caned French chairs I have. (I know this sound like a hot mess.)

I've also toyed with the idea of painting all the cabs to a lighter shade like above.
I have no idea. These are some other inspiration pictures...
trying to work with dark wood...

I'm well aware that I can really screw this up big time and I know my kitchen will never look like the above with just paint. I figure I'll start by fixing the counters and work from there.
I welcome any suggestions or experiences with this matter.
 I will try  or do anything at this point. I am here for your entertainment.


Jenny B. said...

Totally paint them all! paint the whole dang kitchen! that's what I did, cabinets and floor (actually dark primed then stained and polyurethaned the vinyl floor so it kinda looks like wood and blends with the rest of the house),painted cabinets white and put a layer of concrete on my gross counters. The great thing is that anything you do will make it look better. GO FOR IT!

lizziefitz said...

I am definitely going to follow this process. I am very impressed already:)

Anonymous said...

Be ready for a STINKY and I mean REALLY STINKY kitchen. You really need good ventilation with that paint so only do it if you can open doors and windows. I'm serious. You, and your family, will thank me.


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