With spring cleaning upon us, I usually look forward to all the yard sales & curbside scores that come with it.  I mean would you pass on this lovely? Some new upholstery and you have a killer piece.
Well all of that has changed recently thanks to the media and these nasty little fellows...

Yes, I'm talking bedbugs and I'm sure you are all tired of hearing about them.  Anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I'm a bugophobe... I had Lyme really bad 10 years ago, so ticks can (and have) bite me. Mosquitos- I hate you too and your West Nile virus. Spiders- you eat mosquitos, your only redeming quality.
No see ums- We met in Florida this summer and I looked like a pincushion for days. Thanks. And the list goes on. Now add bedbugs to it. They totally have me freaked out and questioning fabulous vintage finds both on the curb and in second hand shops.  I seriously have to soul search when I find a cool piece... do I strap it to the roof and go straight to the upholsterer?  Find a giant oven and bake the thing? What I want to know is have they cramped your style, freaked you out or you just don't care? Thanks bedbugs for totally taking the fun out of one of my favorite pastimes. 


Elisa @ What the Vita said...

Do you know that some dogs work as termite sniffers? They can go to houses and smell it and let you know whether you have termites or any other bugs that harm houses. My point is - maybe they'll someday train dogs to sniff out bedbugs? Hey, dog, smell that chair. Is it safe?

Every time I am reminded of this, I freak out a bit but I'm sitting on a sectional sofa I snagged off CL so I convince myself that most of the time it is fine... I hope. But better CL than off the street? Heebeejeebies is right.

Jennifer said...

A few years ago I found a fab metal table on the side of the road and snagged it. I thought since it was all metal it would be cool, just needed a good wash. While working in my garage I saw a bug and then another... turns out the table had hollow legs that were FULL of tiny cockroaches. *shudder*

Now bed bugs? My dumpster diving and thrift shop days are sadly over. I just can't stand the thought of bring little nasties home.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I am very cautious of roadside finds because of such nasty bugs but I heard if you must satisfy your furniture roadside hoarding they advice you leave said piece of furniture outside for a few days. And perhaps follow up a nuke just to be on the safe side.

Ashley said...

I completely understand...I will only take something home from the thrift store (not on the street) if they've clearly indicated that they've sprayed it with whatever toxic poison they need to!

Dina @ Honey + Fitz said...

Ugh, damn you bed bugs for ruining all the thrifting fun!!! I must admit I've been much slower to pull the trigger on upholstered CL pieces after all the bed bug madness started. We actually had them in our old apartment (the joys of city apartment building living! Those suckers infested the entire building) and they are seriously almost impossible to get rid of. We went thru 3 mattresses in 6 months. I hate you bed bugs!!!


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