An IKEA repurpose.

Last summer while on an IKEA trip for client's Florida condo I stumbled upon IKEA's Ofelia throw. I had long admired its puckered, ruched texture and thought it might make for interesting sheers so a bought a pair to road test.

As a throw above...
Close up as a sheer below...

    I hung it from a cable system and let it stretch for a day, and did it ever! The throw measures 51"x67", but it actually puddles on my floor with my 8' ceilings.   I had to take individual pictures of each side of the window because the snow is blinding outside. Check my Narnia icicles!                                

I really do like the texture they add, I think I will definitely hang these up for the spring and summer, but for now I'm going back to something a bit heavier for the winter season. 
 They are looking too much like fluffy snow and I'm getting weary of that look.

P.S. IKEA makes an Ofelia line of pillows, throws and curtains. There are two different throws. I used the sheer one, but they also make a wooly one.


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