New addition

So, while on the topic of doing what you love, I happened to stop into a little consignment shop while out and about with my kids. I found this geisha figure and fell in love. There is something so sweet yet disturbing about her giant bobble sized head. The owner told me her twin sold the day before, so if you are reading this and have her... call me.  She is lonely.
Meet Jane. She is the newest addition to the house.
She is hanging out in my living room now and she makes me happy.

My son actually wanted to go to more shops after we left.
He said "This is great! Its like going to yard sales in the winter!" Boy do I have him trained. 
We also had to stop at a hobby shop so he could get some paint. He told me he was tired of a few of his Hot Wheels and needed to change their colors. Chip off the old block.

How are you spending your school vacation week?


Aesthetic Oiseau said...

So cute :)

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Haha how did you do this? Get your son to want to shop!!!?? So cute mine wouldn't have it.

Great find I like it as well too bad someone bought its twin.

Ashley said...

Great find! Does "she" have any markings or anything? I'm wondering if you could find a new twin on Ebay...

Nest Studio said...

She is so sweet! love the addition of the spider mum!


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