Just because its Purty

These days I rarely have a moment to flip through a fashion or shelter mag. I have stacks piling up calling my name, but projects, clients and kids call louder. I rely on blogs and bloggers to keep me in the loop and inspire me. Most of the time I'm like an unmade bed... hair in a ponytail, wearing one of three "high rotation" outfits,  paint under my nails, eyebrows in need of a tweeze... I can go on and on. I don't focus on me enough and it showing.  One new blog, Gold & Gray, definitely gave a much needed wake up call
of girly motivation. 
Lily, its author,  fills it with such soft pretty pictures.
They all have a calming, feminine vibe which is much needed in my hectic testorone run life.

After browsing her blog I wanted to glam myself up, ditch the jeans and sweats
that have become branded to my bottom...
maybe go for a run while we are talking bottoms.

Buy myself something gorgeous...

or maybe some flowers...

Give myself some me time.

Disconnect with technology and curl up with a good read.

And most importantly be a girl.

Definitely go check Gold & Gray out and take in the lovely scenery while you are there.


Lily said...

Danika you are way to sweet I cannot even believe it. Thank you thank you thank you for such kind words !


Unknown said...

Gold and grey is SO my new favorite color scheme. It's so glam and unexpected! Chic Rooms

Camila@effortless-style said...

Sounds like a good read. I'm off to check it out!


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