more family weirdness and a heads up

First off I have to wish a Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband. He puts up with so much of my nuttiness. I really don't know many men that can tolerate my crazy antics, piles of fabric and projects everywhere and never knowing what color the house will be when they come home.  I love you!
He also gets a leprechaun visit every birthday too. My mom did this for me and my sisters and we carry on the crazy tradition of leaving out a cup of milk and honey for the leprechauns. One sister has a leprechaun with a drinking problem and she leaves out whiskey...
In return the leprechauns leave little green footprints and a pot of money...

This year I got lazy and opted for lousy little paint prints over carefully cut out ones. Mama leprechaun was exhausted last night and there was no green construction paper to be found. Note the can of Kilz with their drink on it next to my son's painting for them. Classy leprechaun table.
Anyone else do this?

On another note, today is the last day to enter my Zebra rug giveaway. Announcing tomorrow morning.

Also, I have been psyched that so many of you were interested in my extra fabric. A friend of mine that has a workroom contacted me about selling off some of her extras and I am so excited. I have been going through our pile and there is some seriously good stuff here. I almost want to keep some because her stuff is making me want to use it with my old stuff. I'm going to work on photographing it and try to get it up this weekend and create a "shop" tab. Here is a little peek...

Have a Happy Cornbeef and Cabbage Day!

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kiersten13 said...

Last year I was thinking of doing some type of washable paint footpints. I like your style sista. If you notice some of my footpints had pointy toes, hence my impatience and I folded the construction paper one too mens times. Thanks for the green pee idea. Never thought I would write that. I stole the whisky idea from Kev. It's a scottish tradtion to leave out a shot of scotch for Santa the night before. I love it especially since I am lactose intolerant and am on a "anything with taste stay away from diet:)"


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