Yes please!

When I saw this sofa from Furbish I nearly fell out of my chair. I'm in LOVE. The charcoal velvet, the pink and orange and that BANDING! It has left lots of little seeds sprouting in my head for my kitchen color scheme. If I could fit it in my kitchen and didn't have to fear little sticky fingers, I'd buy the darn thing. Instead I will design a room based on it.
*love you*

The orange trellis in my mudroom is open to the kitchen, so
I definitely think my cabinets are going white, the walls a deep charcoal and maybe some seat cushions in this...

I found an old drawing of mine in our storage space from back in my days of living single.
Its huge, so I think it will hang on the wall near the table.

And I already have white panels with a  2" orange banding, so I might add a 3/4" pink ribbon down the center of it.  Some gray if I'm feeling like I don't have enough going on already.
Ugh... the curse of the Internet and all its pretty little inspirational images.
My TO DO list will never stop growing.


lizziefitz said...

Amen to that! I need orange ...somewhere?

casey at loft and cottage said...

I am with you. That sofa is drop dead!

Nest Studio said...

oooh - I like. And you know, the skirt on my sofa is just a tad short - perhaps I will add a band!

Oooh #2 - I got some new pillows on our sofa. you can see here: And enter my IKAT PILLOW GIVEAWAY up thru thursday

Mrs. DeVore said...

That will be beautiful! I love the orange/pink combo!

Heidi said...

I almost fell over when I saw that couch on Jamie's site the other day! Love is an understatement :) So I fully endorse a kitchen designed around it!


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