Easy Peasy Fabric Design

This is a super easy DIY for making your own dotty fabric...
(perpetually in need of a manicure)
Just pick up a little dropper bottle at a craft store for like 79 cents and fill it with some fabric paint/dye.
 I used Dye-Na-Flow by Jacquard.
Drip away.
Good for small areas, unless you have the focus and attention span of a Jedi.

I am going with the Eiffels peeps, and I made little cushions so I can get my fabric fix on.
There is a different design on the other side so I wont when I get bored I can flip them.
I Scotchguarded the hell out of them too.

Kitchen is ALMOST done!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is awesome, danika! such a great idea!

Ashley said...

What a smart lady you are. I'm very excited for the "big reveal" because, if those curtains are any indication, your kitchen will be fabulous! Happy weekend, Danika!

Nichole @ Parlour said...

Very fun. Oh, and diggin' those drapes!

Amber Interiors said...

LOVE IT...consider it ripped off!

Katie @ covestreetblog said...

Great idea!! Looks awesome, seriously excited to see the whole kitchen:)

Ispirato Design said...

Such a simple idea. I have a bag full of fabric paint. Teenage girls are always creating a t-shirt for some event (said teenage girl is now 21). I should do this before they all dry out completely.


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