Home again, Home again jiggity jig

sorry, thats the best I got.

After being away from my house for a week it looks completely different, like I have a new set of eyes.
 I think I need to so this more often, because I can see it more clearly and I can tell what needs editing so much easier. Its kind of like when you are making a painting (and I highly recommend everyone try making a painting once in their life- all you nonbelievers will be surprised), when you step away and come back with fresh eyes you can see what needs fixing.
My god! I was way too immersed here, I have some work to do.
Way too many projects, patterns and colors going on at once.
Time to reel it in.

Anyone else get vacation eye?


Amber Interiors said...

Don't real it back to much....your scaring me. I love a bit of quirk and spunk and your got all that going on!

Samantha said...

Yes. When I get home (especially from the folks) my place looks like a hospital room.


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