My Wildest Fantasy

Maybe I'm feeling stretched a bit thin lately, but I could really use some
Clone Minions..
There would be from the top clockwise:
Painting and Project Making Minion, House Keeping Minion, (hot) Mom Minions- Hey, if I'm making clones, might as well get them out of sweats.  According to my sons there should be two so they each have one to play with, Wife Minion (according to my husband there should be two also, dirty.),Working Designer Minion, Blogging Minion, & Exercise Minion (to keep the Bon Bons in check that Lounging, Magazine Reading, Martini Drinking, Sloth Minion eats. Wait. That will be me.) That should cover all the bases. How nice would that be?
I think I might need a vacation. I'm off to NY peeps. Chat with you from there.


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Yep a man would say that bahahha! Have fun in ny!!

Heather Peterson said...

Love it!
Only problem I see is managing all those minions. Sometimes it's easier to do the work than the supervising!

Have fun in NY.


Amber Interiors said...

If you do get around to inventing a minion, can you please make a "me" model as well. I am all over the map with shit! Apparently I am planning a wedding now! Holy crap

Ashley said...

Can I borrow one?

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...



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