New Series: "The Score" with Honey & Fitz

So I got this idea, since its Spring and the season of rejuvenation, why not highlight some fabulous finds and get excited about the fact that its almost spray paint season. I am also a sucker for before and afters. So I have been asking some blogger friends to share with us their best  "scores".  Something they found and transformed into a show stopper, or were lucky enough to just take home as is and do the happy dance with. 

First up is the fabulous Dina from Honey & Fitz.  She is a new Mom to her sweet little munchkin Knox, and still manages to squeeze in lots of amazing projects.  Just wait until you see what she did with her find. Take it away Dina...

So I thought about it and I think my favorite score is the dresser turned changing table in baby Knox's room. Hard choice because I do love my bright orange faux bamboo arm chair
(psssst... check out this gorgeous chair of hers, sorry Dina, couldn't resist...)

 but it's more of an accent piece and the changing table is something I see every day, MULTIPLE times a day :) I also have very fond memories of being so pregnant and working on that piece, feeling him kicking in my belly and knowing that one day this little human would actually be using this piece of furniture I was pouring all this effort and love into.
  I really didn't want to buy a traditional "changing table" because I hated the idea that after a year, I'd have a totally defunct piece of furniture. So I set out to find a dresser that was just the right height and had lots of storage.


Where I found it: I hit pay dirt at my favorite used furniture store. It was dark and very much not the bright and cheery piece I wanted but after talking them down to $130, I decided I could make it what I wanted with some elbow grease. Plus I completely fell in love with all those tiny drawers and their potential for storing all kinds of tiny baby things! It pretty much became THE project of my pregnancy. With the incredible hot summer we were having the finishing of it in the garage dragged on and on.

Things I changed about it: The color (obviously) which required lots of sanding, priming and painting. It was also a little too rustic in it's original state, so I used a bit of wood filler to smooth it out. I also lined all the drawers in a fun polka dot contact paper and swapped out the drawers pulls for some lovely Anthropologie white bone ones. I LOVE how it turned out. If you ever plan on painting something a super saturated yellow like this, be aware that there are multiple coats in your future. Even after priming, it took 4 coats to get the coverage I wanted.

It is pretty much the crowning glory of the nursery. Besides being the most substantial piece of furniture in there, the color is so bright and happy, you can't help but notice it when you walk in. Or when you're changing your 900th diaper of the day. Or when you're sitting across from it rocking your baby at 2 am! 

  Isn't it amazing folks?  You have have to hop over to Honey & Fitz to check out the rest of this nursery.  Knox is one lucky little guy.
Here is a little peek..
but you really need to go see all the unbelievable details!
 She also has so many other great transformations including a pantry re-do that makes me wish I could fly her up here to do mine.
Thank you so much Dina for taking part and sharing with us!


wendy said...

Love love love it!!!

Dina @ Honey + Fitz said...

Thanks so much for the feature Danika! I can't wait to see the other "Latest Score" features. Maybe it will get me off my butt and started on the dining chairs that have been sitting in my garage for 6 months!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i started following honey & fitz a while back when i fist saw that yellow dresser and then nursery it lives in.... just gorgeous!

DomesticJenny said...

Love this piece! It's such a fun pop of color!

Lily said...

What an adorable nursery ! That dresser/changing table is amazing...I cannot believe that ugly brown thing is the same stunning yellow piece in the room! Looks amazing.


Ashley said...

Adorable, Dina! Could you offer a tutorial on lining drawers? I noticed some peppy polka dots on those drawers and would love to know how you did it.

Harry said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of furniture

Danielle {freshquince} said...

Love it...thanks for sharing!


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