Part 2

I'm back and had some time to look through the rest of the Taylor Llorente site from my last post. My gosh there was a lot of stuff! So for those of you that can be bothered with links, here is what you missed...

This chair is my new favorite.

 This one reminds me of a baseball glove for the hand chair.

I like this piece, just not the feet.
(Hey Bri, I think thats Bob's rich horse cousin up there.)

And lastly lighting.
This was my favorite because it was quirky...

I'm actually mentally exhausted from looking at so much stuff.


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Bob would be so jealous, let's not say anything to him, he thinks he lives the good life now.

Seriously I need those chairs in the first pic.

Amy said...

Wow - that second chair is quite something, like an ostrich I love it's flamboyance!


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