Some Shop Pretties

Hi all! Hope you have been enjoying the long weekend! It finally feels like summer here, and I am more than happy about that. I just wanted to share some new shop additions.
 I've been adding to the accessory department, and I have lots of great trays, bowls (I LOVE displaying vintage gems in them in almost every room of my house, instant color and personality) 
and trinkets.
From glam to boho chic...
Vintage Metal Tray and Floral Dishes

Japanese Cups
perfect for pens, make up brushes or Sake

Silver Lotus Dish

Bells of Sarna

Hop over and see whats new. I will be starting to add the lighting next! My fave*
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Enamel/Metal Bowl


Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Oh girl...that vintage metal tray is going to haunt my's LOVELY! I'm going to have to check it out...(c: Hope you had a great weekend!

Lily said...

Great finds !! I love the metal tray too and the silver lotus dish !! I am off to check it out.


annie said...

Love all these photos...isn't it amazing how you can dress up a couple of simple foil wrapped votives in a dish and a beautiful tray? Love that silver lotus dish too1

designchic said...

What great the vintage metal tray!!


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