First off. Thank you to everyone that 2 cents me yesterday. You have no idea how badly I needed you. I love so many of your ideas, and I'm currently writing up a list of to dos. I'm searching for ottoman fabric that will also be kid friendly, definitely painting the ceiling and pimping the closet doors, and the list goes on.  It is so hard to see your space objectively because it is so personal and you are constantly in it, but getting feedback through all your eyes has helped me tremendously.

THANK YOU!!! and a big smmooch xx. I will update you next  week on any progress.
Oh! And I got that rug at a yardsale! One man's trash...

Next up, I just have to share the best online issue ever.
 The latest Adore Magazine, its serious decor porn and I'm spent.
For anyone that hasn't seen it go here now.
Visual Prozac people, visual Prozac.
And to point out the obvious, Anna Spiro is a bleepity mix master genius with color. Nuff said.


Melissa said...

Somehow I did not see Issue 1. Since I am a sad, design-obsessed person, I will spend this Friday night sitting on the sofa with my husband while he watches "The Soup" and I read back-issues of on-line shelter mags. But I will be very happy, daggumit.

Carrie @ Hazardous Design said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to carve out some time this weekend to catch up on my backlog of online design mags. Can you believe I still haven't seen the last issue of Lonny? It came out like 3 weeks ago!
Have a great weekend :)

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I know you'll want to slap me when I say this but I didn't even know about Adore. I'm on it though:) Thanks for the heads up.

Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

They had me with that cover pic!! LOVE it!

Adore Home said...

Thanks for the lovely post - really appreciate it! :)
Loni, Adore Home x

Katy said...

I would go with "Flair", but of course my main reason for offering an opinion is to be entered in the giveaway....cause, I loves this idea. This is the best idea ever!It's like giving people a license to explore their own creativity as well.
Regardless, I will surely be watching for the store to open!

Katy said...

Sorry, I meant to leave the cooment aboce for the Fretwork panels.

The Glam Lamb said...

I couldnt agree more! I am officially obsessed with anna spiro (like i wasn't before!! LOL) I am now craving a zig zag full bedskirt!!
Fab post!


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