Long time no Blog=Overdue Eye Candy=Optical Cavities

=Holes in Your Head= Sucky Long Title. 
Hey everybody! Sorry for the dead air.  Between "back to school" (yay!), Hurrican Irene, lack of sewing machine to complete my magical project/ living room and the shear awesomeness/headache of owning your own biz I kept finding myself starting a post, realizing it sucks
 and/or deleting/ forgetting about it .
So I spared you. With dead air. Sorry.  Bitch slaps please.

BUT... I have some  lots of eye dazzlingness for you.  A couple of young  Dallas based hot stuffs designers that I have been wanting to blog about for a while now.  Meet Farrow & Cobb, or as they are known as  Morgan Forrow and Brittany Cobb.  Super cute, stylish and got it going on ladies ...

(Brittany and Morgan)

I love their eclectic mix of styles, how they combine high and low for a seamless knockout result.
  Let the picures do the talking...

See more here and here and here, cause they are serious hot tickets. Serious.

And I promise I will be a better blogger.  Thanks for all the checking in, I feel the love!


P.S. I love this... said...

I adore those lucite Ming chairs.

Kellie Collis said...

Fabulous spaces! I'm loving that mix of styles too! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

LindsB said...

mmm major yummy eye candy

Brandi said...

I'm in love with all of this! The book case styling is especially divine!

Bromeliad said...

With names like Morgan and Brittany I was prepared not to like them. But I can't.


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