Artist Alert- Destiny Womack

I am totally loving these paintings and prints by artist Destiny Womack.  My good friend and client Shauna sent me a link to her site asking me if she should get a custom piece made and I was like "YES"!!!

The color combinations in the above and below pieces against the stark white of the canvas are amazing!

Destiny has a huge selection of pieces on her Etsy shop, but she can custom make you any color combination you can imagine.   Her technique is fantastic, and has such a fluid feel the lower piece actually makes you feel like you are submerged in water...

I had to contact her and ask her a few questions, to which she kindly obliged.

What inspires you?
I am truly inspired by music of all kinds and nature, I love color and nature has so many wonderful colors to draw inspiration from. I also have a three year old daughter who has the worlds largest imagination and sometimes during our playtimes and morning dream talks I am inspired by things that she says

Do you have a personal favorite color/color combo?
My favorite colors change all the time - However I do have an all time favorite, color and that is any shade of purple - And I tend to ALWAYS love deep plum purple color with cream and black. Its just always been my favorite.

My favorite thing about Destiny has to be the fact that she makes it very clear that she is an "outside the box" kind of girl.  She constantly pushes through boundaries and limits and does it her way. If she doesn't know how to do something, she figures it out, and might even discover a new way of doing it in the process. I love fearless people like that!
 See more of her work and read more about this inspirational woman here.

One more thing.  I have to share a quote that her mother instilled in her.
 It is so true, and is something that I feel isn't taught enough...
"The only failure in life is failing to try".


Ivy & Piper said...

wow they are spectacular!

Holly said...

These are out-of-this-world amazing!!! Thank you for introducing me to this artist.

designchic said...

Stunning art, and love the quote from her mother!!

piggywhistles said...

What a discovery. Destiny's art is beautiful!

Bromeliad said...

Wow. Love that blue one.

Cate said...

Thanks for the introduction - just bought a print!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Love all of them!


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