Wish List

My ADD is in high gear and I feel like such a sucky blogger these days! 
I keep coming to the table with a post idea and it gets side swiped by things like emails and Google. 
In today's case an email from Lumens highlighting
these fantabulous Tom Dixon Beat Lights now in white. 
I'm  re-obsessed all over again. I want  them ALL, hanging happily over my dining table.
Damn it, my wallet says no.
If you are feeling flush, shop them here.
**And a little note to the universe, my birthday is less than a month away.**


An Urban Cottage said...

Kinda nice in black too.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

They sell the knock off version on ebay for crackhead prices.

My Interior Life said...

I just blogged about the black version the other day (Nordstrom lighting). Love them in white too! Maybe the universe will deliver some for your birthday!

Mary said...

Yeah...my wallet talks to me like that too. Maybe I need a new wallet.

Amanda Hill said...

Gasp! Those are loverly

Lauren@BaylorSays... said...

Those are gorgeous!! Can't wait to check out the crackhead versions on ebay, ha.

Happy early birthday, I hope you get one of these AND jewelry! That would rock.

Baylor Says...


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