Daylight and Answers

I have some so-so daylight pictures. It is raining dogs here and is quite dark and gloomy, so the lighting is just OK...

 I have some answers for a lot of your questions too!
Someone had asked how I hung the curtains because you couldn't see a rod.

I used a basic cable system from IKEA.  I thought about painting this gold too.

If you don't want to use a rod this is a trick I learned over the years.  I use eye hooks screwed into the wall every 2" and simply attached the drapery hooks to each one. 
 The panels will be stationary (obviously).
 Next up is how did I hang the paper...
 I used good old commercial strength non-staining clear paste. Roman Formula 838 to be exact.
Also I find brushing the paste on (you can also use a roller) works better because you can apply it a bit heavier.
 Fold the top over on itself, and then do the same for the bottom (wet side to wet side) and let it "relax" for about 3 minutes. 
 When you hang, open the top half, match the seam to the previous strip and start smoothing down and out to the sides with a wide soft wallpaper brush.  When you get to switch plates or outlets take a pair of scissors and snip a criss cross over the area and then trim around...
 And if you over cut an area, just snip a patch to fill in. I did this along the top and around the heat register.  Unless you are looking for it you don't notice because of the texture.

For those of you in an apartment or not wanting anything permanent I would suggest double sided tape along the seams and edges and then use grosgrain ribbon at the top with brass push pins for a nice finished edge. Something along the lines of this, but not as elaborate (sorry this was the best I got for googling "grosgrain and tack banding on wall", but it does kick ass...)
Hope this helps!

 Come back in a few days, I am working on my last big project wall.
I made a stencil for some flame stichery zigzag pattern and hopefully will start some painting soon.  Today has been one of those days where nothing is going smoothly, so I might just wait.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Leah said...

i love the metallic grasscloth! you are a genius!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Looks great! Love the paper :)

Brandi said...

I have that same cable system for my dining room! It's started to sag a bit though so I was wondering if there were alternatives but you can't beat the price! Awesome job!

cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

you amaze me with your clever-ness!
absolutely brilliant.
love love love what you do.
you have amazing style.
thanks for sharing what you do.
cheryl xox.

Amanda said...

that is crazy beautiful!!! and i cant believe you can wallpaper right over paneling-way cool. I think so far this is my most favorite look for your living room!

Emily | Recently said...

Holy crap this looks amazing! Is there anything you can't do??? I bow down to your awesomeness!

Bromeliad said...

Your room looks fabulous. The wallpaper made it.

Your craziness was totally worth it.


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