Rhinestones and sequins on a Friday night

Me and the kids hit up the local A.C. Moore today and depleted their rhinestone and sequin department.  We have all been house bound and sick for what feels like forever, and I spent too much time on Pinterest making a Christmas board and seeing way too many cool ideas and shit to make.

When we got home I finally finished my Maskros hack. I lost the ping pong ball centers for some glitz.  One pack of coffee filters, 2 packs of mini cupcake liners and 160 large rhinestones later... 
More of this later when the room is done, which needs to be Thanksgiving because the tree is going up in it the following day and all my energy will be going into CHRISTMAS!

Shiny stuff rules!

Next the kids got their groove on making Christmas ornaments. This is actually round 2 in our house. I am kind of a Christmas nut, so I totally get excited when my kids want in.

Thomas got his tree thing on...
The big hit with the 4 year old was making Angry Bird ornaments.
Pom poms, felt and googly eyes. Done.

They then took them to the playroom where they stacked blocks and reenacted the video game.

P.S. Making anything with sequins, small beads or Elmer's glue WITH kids is not for the faint of heart.  I am far from OCD, but what a freaking mess. My little organized containers of pins, beads etc. is one big pigpile of crap.  Cheers to deep breaths, vaccuums and happy holiday memories. And hopefully swearing in my head and not outloud when I step on a bead tomorrow morning.


eddielicious said...

Sure, they are so cute making cute little crafts. Enjoy it. Ooooh because they turn 12 in no time. You turn your back and all your cookie dough has been re-shaped into male genitalia. You try and get angry but are all laughing so hard they deem it as parental gratification. So next time you make cookies -- guess what?

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I love the photo of Thomas with his trees. He looks so damn proud and confident. Crafts with kids, especially boys, can push any mom to the limit. They just don't get the whole organization thing!

Stacy Curran said...

You had me at the title!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Loving the sequins on your maskros hack! And cheers to you for living through the crafting projects! I can only imagine the mess but I guess that's what memories are made of.... I'm guessing? :)

Ms. Manor said...

The maskros looks faboo! One of the best hacks on it that I have seen... I've had one sitting here, unassembled for like ever. You have inspired me to get mine out and finally put it together!

Jenna said...

Your maskros, looks great! Can't wait to see it in the whole room!


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