Mondays generally suck, so lets celebrate that nonsense!
I have a new favorite drink, thanks to SOMA, a local restaurant... the SOMATINI. I recently went there with my niece Ashley to celebrate her birthday. We had one, went and got our nails did, and returned afterwards for a second.  I am telling you they are really that good.
 I decided to try to whip one up for myself this evening.
Super easy, and they made cooking dinner much more glamourous...

Blend a handful of cherries ( frozen or fresh) with the juice of one lemon and a bit of sugar.
Pour into a shaker with some ice and 1 1/2-2oz black cherry vodka (which I didn't have on hand because I never buy the flavor flave stuff, so I say  vodka or gin- still tastes GOOD). Shake and serve with a twist, enjoy.
PS... Lime juice would be perfect too.
PPS... if you are lazy or don't have a shaker throw the booze and ice in the blender and have it frozen.

doesn't my phone take amazingly crappy photos????


My Crafty Home-Life said...

A girl after my own heart! Cheers!

The Sister Sophisticate said...

Ya got some nice color on that drink!

My Interior Life said...

Mmmmm. Sounds yummy. And it looks great next to your new wall (even with your crappy phone photo)!

Ashley said...

Your office is the perfect backdrop for the drink. Sounds yummy, too.

Stacy Curran said...

I LOVE new drink recipes! Thanks for sharing!


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