Color, Stuff, and High Fives

Oh spring! You are so close!

I am itching for the warmer days and pops of color to start blooming.  I have been enjoying the mild winter we have had up here in Boston, despite the random flurries this morning.  It has been so mild that I have been having these weird flashes of feeling like Christmas hasn't even come yet.  Very strange. 

Anyways, I am looking forward to a fresher pallate inside, outside and in my wardrobe: 

First up, I love Jill's new Regency Velvet Pillows over at Live Like You.
How pretty are they?!!

My wallet got a bit caught up in my research, because I snagged these brights over at Furbish.
 Valentine's Day present to myself?  Yeah, that is lame excuse.  
But how could I resist color popping awesomeness like so...
and chunky so...?

They are actually good motivation for the sweats that have become my daily go-to to get off my body.
If any of you see me wearing the above with a pajama/ sweats ensemble please bitch slap me.

On other fronts (the "Herrick House), this weekend is going to consist of a lot of this... 
Spring Cleaning!!!

My husband's fantasy is for this to be our curb next week...

My fantasy is all about the plan we made that entails rearranging and editing the furniture upstairs.  
(This is largely because my bedroom is finally going to get almost finished and a nailed down color scheme, similar to the following...)

paintings via here

I hope to have a ton of stuff to heave ho, so scan my curb if you are local 
and have hoarding tendencies like me .  
I think I will also be running a fire- sale on the blog next week too.  

Now most importantly, I want to high five all my readers. 

I cannot believe how awesome and supportive you have been this past week. I wasn't expecting all the emails with your kind words and advice, but let me tell you, they made my week.  Thanks you all for helping me focus on my priorities.  Some of you made me cry with your own personal stories, and I can't tell you how much it means that you shared such words. 
 I never expected that this blog would be and do all it has for me, and the fact that I have all of you to thank for it is enormous.  I hope I keep can making you laugh, inspiring you and being somewhat entertaining in return. 

You are the best!



Leah said...

meaning to comment all week! just wanted to say i hang in there and totally adore you!

Brandi@ Flights of Whimsy said...

Glad to see you doing a bit better and and you got yourself some nice shiny things! I go through phases of being overwhelmed too and I don't even have children!


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