Intern/ Assistant Needed!

Hey out there,  I am in desperate need of help!  Should have done this eons ago, but I like to think I can handle it all.  Truth is I can't anymore.  
I am looking for a intern/assistant to help with O'verlays and G.S.T. 
 Can be for a summer internship or start sooner.

Here is the run down:

-I am located in Beverly, MA so the closer you are the better for the both of us.  
I am 1 mile from both Endicott College and Montserrat College- so anyone know any good design students out there? Send them over!

-Just so you know, I am crazy with A.D.D.D.D. (Attention Deficit Design Diversion Disorder). 
 I need a detail oriented, organized and creative minion that can stay on a given task to make sure things get done.  Must be able to speak up and say "I can't do that now Danika because I am finishing your first request" and not get wrapped up in my madness.  

- Daily grind includes dealing with emails, customer service, press/ marketing, playing with O'verlays and some designing fun stuff.

-CAD/ Photoshop/ Illustrator knowledge a major BONUS* and pretty important.  
I am willing to train if you are a fast learner and amazing though.

-Pleasant and positive, kickass work ethic,  a sense of humor +++++.  

-Not afraid to get their hands dirty and paint/ build something if I get the whim, which is pretty likely.

-I would love 2-3 days a week, (10-15 hours a week). Negotiable.

In return I am willing to teach you oodles, and there is potential for growth within O'verlays.  
Minimal pay, but the beach is at the end of my street and I like to work from there during the summer.* 
I can be very entertaining. You will have stories from this job, and...all the caffeine you can handle. 

If this doesn't scare you, please email your resume and why you are so awesome to:   

On another note, don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY for O'verlays and pillows over here.
That baby ends Friday at high noon.


Anonymous said...

I'm really wishing I didn't live in Texas right now! What an incredible opportunity this would be!! Good luck finding that perfect someone!

Theresa McCabe said...

i want to apply to this but i live too far awayyy! i will tweet this post and circulate it to my peeps! i graduated from emerson college in boston not too long ago, so i still know some college age ladies who might LOVE this opportunity!

good luck!

kayce hughes said...

I would be tempted if I lived closer!

LindsB said...

I need a new job!! Take on a few design clients so you need an assistant for more hours and I'm your gal! A bonus, I make delish cocktails!!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

That is one of the best job postings I have ever read. Hope you find a great one!

Stacy Curran said...

Good for you! I knew you'd be so successful with these!!!

melanie said...

Go Danika!! Do your thang, Lady you are blessed! What an amazing position!! I DREAM....


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