Rite of Spring and Little Green Men

It is that time of year where I get high hopes and become a farmer for a day.  The first chunk of warm spring weather has me buying up packets of seeds and bags of dirt.  Yesterday I was dressed all nice in flats, and I impulsively decided to clean my garden beds in the 1 1/2 hours I had to kill before a birthday party- my new flats are now a bit grungy.
Here is the deal... I have the mother of all black thumbs.
I want so badly to have this:
but instead I have 4 little raised beds in part sun, chipmunks and squirrels that try to eat everything I plant, and a bad case of gusto that fades by June...
(my garden on a good day last year)

I also tend to jam way too much into those 4 little beds and overcrowd the crap out of them.

But like clock work I am back at it every spring.
Planting seeds, hoping this will be the year my thumb turns green.

Speaking of green, the leprechauns came again Saturday:
(click here to see past episodes, and how strange my family is)

I am wondering how much longer I am going to be able to fool my almost 7 year old with this tradition, especially after how LAME my leprechauns were this year. 
( I woke up at 4 am in a forgetful panic, cut some feet out of the only green paper I could find- it was more like sea foam- and had no change to fill the little kettle, only dollars.)  

If you have little ones, this is a lot of fun. Basically, you are suppose to set out milk and honey for the leprechauns, they come in and leave little green foot prints and a pot of "gold". They also usually make some mischief or play with their toys while they are here. 
My mom started this when we were kids and we carry on the tradition.

My little sister wins the award for "Best Leading Leprechaun" though.  
Her leprechauns even pee green in the potty:
It might have something to do with the fact she leaves her leprechauns 2 shots of scotch,
they are more inspired:

(James making crazy eyes- definitely a "poster child" moment)

Happy Monday!


Linda {Calling it Home} said...

The life of a gardener....never give up! You sister is the best, love that idea.

Danielle said...

Green pee pee... goodness that is wonderfully funny!!! Our kids would LOVE that.

Sharon@house58blog.com said...

OMG, hilarious! That is a great idea!!!! Those pics will be wedding slideshow slapstick 20 + years from now.

Baked In The South said...

I have the same problem with gardening! Yours looks really nice though!

MFAMB said...

i planted my garden this weekend and here is a tip i learned that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.
if you plant from seed, like i do...you need to thin out the seedlings.
what that means is when all the little sprouts pop up (and there are LOTS) you need to pick the majority of them out (use them for compost or eat them on a salad)
you should have about 5-10 plants leftover depending how big your box is (that's what she said). fewer plants means stronger, healthier better fruit bearing plants.


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